September 6, 1975

Dateline: 6 September 2016

Well, I'm getting on in years, and my kids may find it hard to believe that their mother and I were once young too. But it's true, and I offer this picture as proof. 

It was taken in 1976. Yes, that's me on the left  and Marlene on the right. Click the picture for a larger view and you will see yarn on Marlene's ring finger. The yarn is wrapped around my class ring so it would fit her. I don't know if this custom of wearing your boyfriend's class ring is still in effect these days.

The picture was taken for the Moravia High School Class of '76 yearbook, but it never made it into the yearbook. I think we may have been voted class couple at the time.

Marlene and I went on our first date on this day (September 6) 41 years ago. It was the first weekend of our Senior year of high school. Four years later we were married.

In Proverbs 15:18, Solomon wrote:

"Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth."

Oh, I do, Solomon, I truly do. My life, my Upland, would not be what it is without that cute, dear girl in the picture above. 

For anyone who might be interested, back in 2005 I wrote about our young love at this link: The Wife Of My Youth.


  1. My wife and I met when we were 12 at a Bible School. I knew she was 'the one'....although it took 9 years for her to agree - ha ha! In our late 40s now, 5 children and doing OK.

  2. Great photo -- not much has changed in the intervening years. You both still look great!!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Dave.
      Marlene and I sure did enjoy seeing you at our 40th class reunion in July!
      (and breakfast that morning at the Glenside Diner with you and Laura was special too).

  3. Elizabeth L. Johnson said,
    My, oh, my!!Congratulations!!! My husband and I were married in '79. Coming up on anniversary # 37 in November. With the Lord, we've come a long way. I don't know how people do it without Him.

  4. Great picture. That's how I wore my boyfriend's class ring too. (He's also my husband of 50 years in October.)