Bob's Shed
(Part 2)

Dateline: 20 November 2016
(click on pictures for enlarged views)

In My Previous Blog Post I told you about Bob and how I, along with some others in my community, came to help Bob with an old shed he bought. This is the rest of the story.

After getting the old shed apart, loaded onto Steve's trailer, and into Bob's backyard, Steve, Ben, Beth and me planned to meet at Bob's five days later (Saturday morning) to build him a shed. We communicated about the project through the week using the Facebook group messaging feature.

The following pictures tell the story of Saturday's shed-building project. It was as close to an Amish barn raising as I'll ever get...

That's Bob. His son built the shed deck (which Bob is sitting on) earlier in the week, using new materials. 

We took apart the old shed walls and roof, and pulled the nails out of the lumber. Our goal was to use as much of the old shed as possible to build the new shed. My old high school friend, Ben, is in the background. Beth is trying to pull a nail. Jodi is laughing at her. 

Chris Miller, a local photographer, stopped by early in the day to take some pictures of the project. He is showing the woman holding his camera how to take a picture of him. You can see all Chris's pictures At This Link.

I took this is a picture of Chris as he was getting his picture taken with his camera.

I set up a cutting station and did most of the cutting. Steve is in the light blue shirt. His daughter, Kimberly, helped as she could. 

Here you can see me screwing the fascia board to the end of the rafters. The board was warped so Steve is pulling down on it. Keith (in the brown sweatshirt) was alternately handing me a drill and screwgun as needed. Barry (in hooded sweatshirt) is watching. Ben is in the denim shirt. Bob's wife, Jodi, is taking a picture to the left.

Beth and Jodi made food for us. Lots of good food. The guy in the black sweatshirt is Beth's husband, John.

Yours truly. The shed is taking shape.

Here you see Keith and Ben putting a metal roof on the shed. Steve supplied the roofing. 

Steve and John are cutting some roofing. Steve's son, Mark, is on the right. Mark helped us pretty much all day.

Mark, Beth, Jodi, and Mike. Mike had an injured leg (in some sort of cast) but he helped quite a bit. Everyone here is laughing and I don't remember why. Maybe they just looked at me and burst out laughing. I sometimes have that effect on people.

Ben, working on the roof. I was really glad that Ben showed up to help. Besides Bob, Ben was the only person I knew prior to this whole shed project. Funny thing... When I saw Ben at our 40th class reunion this last summer, I didn't recognize him. I said, "I don't know who you are." And he said, "Oh sure you do. I'm Ben."

Ben grew up helping his grandfather do carpentry work. He told me he was helping his grandfather on roofing jobs when he was 10 years old. So Ben knew what he was doing on this project. 

We finished up the shed around 5:30 and I took this picture of everyone who was still there. From the left: Keith, Barry, Mark, Steve, Bob, Jodi, Ben, Beth, and John. I like this picture a lot. Other people came and went through the day, but this core group of us really made it happen.

After taking the previous picture, Beth took this group picture with me in it.

So that's the story of how Bob got his shed.  And how I got some new friends. And how we all made some great memories together.


  1. WOW! awesome! I see God working in this beautiful act of community coming together to help a neighbor in need. I love how how FB has been used by the community as a tool to keep the work of a community going! God Bless you and everyone who worked and help to make this act of kindness a reality. The gifts of the Spirt in Action. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Thank you for sharing - love of neighbor in action. We need more stories like this on the news. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  3. Loved the whole story and how it came about. We also have a town wide thing called Block Island Bulletin board. Virtually every thing is sold,traded, or given away by the participants. even if the boat isn't running that day, someone will have posted it by 0630! Lost cats, dogs, and kids make appearances. If you need a ride to a doc's appointment on the mainland and have no car, put it up here and you surely will get a ride. The community is really 'Here" for all hands, all the time!

  4. Lovely to see community come together.

    We have something called, "Front Porch Forum". Still in it's fledgling stages down here but quite vibrant up in Burlington.