Election Day

Dateline: 8 November 2016

Marlene casting her 2016 vote.

Marlene and I voted this morning at 8:30. I was voter number 49. 

The room you see in the picture is part of the Town Hall in my small rural town. We built this building a few years after I was elected to a position on the town board back in 1999. Prior to having this building, the town board would have its monthly meetings in a crowded little room in the town barn. The town clerk worked out of her home, and the judge too. 

The neat thing about this picture is that I know every person in the room. When we go to vote, we are among our neighbors and friends. This is part of what I like about putting down roots in a small rural community. Everyone knows your name.

I am not discussing political matters on this new blog, but I will say this.... The best politics is local.


  1. OK, I'll help keep this clean and resist any political commentary too. I was voter #825 at about 4:00pm this afternoon in the township that I live in. Normally, I vote around 5:30pm and am around #1400. I hurried over after work to beat the crowds, but MN offered early voting this year so maybe I needn't have worried. Our voting place is the fellowship hall of a local church. It looks about the same otherwise. Yes, the best politics is local and it should ALL be local.


  2. Elizabeth L. Johnson said,
    Talking about small towns...I heard it put the other day that Abel was a livestock agrarian and his brother was an agricultural agrarian. I thought that was well put. Things have clicked a little in my brain. After that neat video you posted of an aerial view of a tiny east coast town, I thought, now I understand why it appears there is no 'progress' in tiny rural towns, and no jobs, either. It's because, as everyone used to be agrarian, before the industrial revolution, there were tiny hamlets of a few neighbors, because they each own family farms/ranches. They were tiny communities. There were jobs alright--on the family farms & ranches! There was no industry/factory for jobs; they weren't needed. That was my most recent rumination. It just took me awhile to figure it out.

  3. I voted at 9:10 and was already the 310 voter in my district. It was a huge turn out. Americans exercising their constitutional right to vote~ A-mazing.