Futureman Goes Sledding

Dateline: 25 November 2016
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Marlene and I drove to Erie, Pennsylvania the day before Thanksgiving to pick up Futureman (our one and only grandchild, who is now 4 years old). We haven't seen him for seven months. We left at 5:30 in the morning and got home at just about 5:30 in the evening. He is here for four days. Then we make the long drive to take him back.

On the drive home I told him that he had a Captain America hat, a Batman shirt, and Spiderman boots. And then I asked, "What about Mickey Mouse?" His response: "Mickey Mouse is for girls."

Upon getting home and into the kitchen of our house he raised his hands up, spun around and said, "Oh, I love being in this house."  That comment surprised me, and pleased me. Every grandchild should love being in their grandparent's home. I know I sure did when I was a child.

So Thanksgiving is special this year because my grandson is here with us. His father, along with aunts and uncles, and other kin, were here for dinner yesterday, and Futureman got a lot of love and attention. It was all good.

Today, we decided that we had better do some sledding while the snow was still on Murphy Hill Road. That's the road we live on, and the lower portion is so steep that it is closed in the winter. We had more than two feet of snow three days before Thanksgiving. A significant storm. But rain and warmth have come and the snow is receding.

All of us in this family have good memories of sledding on Murphy Hill in past winters, and we wanted to make sure Futureman has the same memories. So His dad, and his uncle Robert, and me (I am now called Grandpa, not "Boppy" as was once the case) had a little sledding party. The hill was all ours. Here are some pictures I took....

Riding to the top of the hill in the back of a pickup is best.

Futureman and his father.

Futureman and his uncle Robert.

It's a long way down.

This deep gully is on one side of the road.

Yes, Futureman got tired out walking up the hill. We all did.

Robert with his dog. Her name is Remi (short for Remington).


  1. Thank you for the awesome photos of your family enjoying themselves. This is what life is all about-- family and memory making.

  2. And a fun time was had by all. I am delighted to see Futureman is still a part of your life and is happy to visit you. Futureman also has his sheriff's badge?


  3. That is so awesome! I love my 2 grand children so much. My grandson is also 4.

  4. So glad you've been able to build special memories for you all. Happy Thanksgiving from across the pond xx

  5. Thank you Mr. Kimball, for all that you share with us. I cannot tell you how pleasing it is to hear that you were all able to spend time with Futureman and that he remembers how much he loves being with you despite a 7 month absence.
    Pam B.

  6. Nice when families still get together for holidays. I am an only child, and ate with my aging parents; the rest of the family has scattered over the past few decades.
    In your pics I noticed that Robert's dog is named Remi, but that he is wearing a cap with a Browning logo. Nice.

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Ron C— Yep. He's wearing the Sheriff badge. Pictures in next post here. :-)

    Joe Putnam— It is good that you are there for your parents. I have read a little of your book, "Putnam Liberty Notes." Very good reading. I see from your bio that you are a descendent of American Revolution soldiers. When I read that, I immediately thought of Israel Putnam. "Old Put" was (and still is) a legendary character from the Revolutionary era. Would he be kin to you?

    1. As best I can tell, I am not descended from General Israel Putnam. I lose my Dad's bloodline, and thus the origin of the my Putnam's, around 1840. The Revolution soldiers are on my Mom's side, mainly Virginia and Pennsylvania militia. One of them, John Heinrich "Henry" Shively left Pennsylvania for Kentucky, and ended up here in Orange County, In. -where he is buried. Most of my Mom's family have been in Orange, Washington, Laurence, and Dubious county area fro 150+ years.
      Thanks for the interest, and hope you enjoy the whole book!

  8. Herrick, what a joy and a blessing for you and Marlene to have Futureman at home with you for Thanksgiving. I have missed him and I'm just a blog reader, so I know how your hearts might have had a small empty spot reserved for the return of him. He surely is a presence when he is there, right? It was good to see him again and he filled out the Sheriff's shirt nicely.

    1. I would echo those thoughts exactly. I enjoy seeing him here - so I'm sure that's 100-fold for you, Herrick. I'm so glad he could be with you for Thanksgiving!

    2. Thank you Fabric Fanatic and Chad. Yes, Futureman is a presence when he is here. And after we take him back to PA, we are exhausted. It takes a few days to recover. :-)

  9. Elizabeth L. Johnson said,

    Thanks for a special look into your Thanksgiving! It's wonderful seeing how Futureman is growing up. I enjoyed the smiles on everyone's faces! My husband and I sledded with our grandchildren and children in the Cascades after harvesting a couple of Christmas trees from the area. It was a grand, wonderfully blessed time of fellowship altogether, and we even skyped with our son in China!!

    1. Very nice, Elizabeth! I hope someone captured your memories with some good pictures.