A Whizbang Garden Cart
In Mexico

Dateline: 10 December 2016

I received the following letter a few days ago...

Our garden cart, built following your design, is wonderful. It is in daily use here on our teaching/demonstration farm in Mexico. I thought you might like a photo of it that I took today. Your design has inspired me to attempt building a similar sized cart using welded steel tubing for the frame. I think it can be made a little lighter in weight. We often use the cart for hauling heavy loads fairly long distances.
I asked Andrew if I might share his feedback and picture on this blog. He wrote...
Sure you can use the photo and comment in your blog. If want to understand the context a bit better you can see my most recent newsletter at http://eepurl.com/csi_CL  Rogelia, the young woman in the photo, is a Tarahumara Indian and one of my neighbors. Today she learned how to harvest and store carrots. I store carrots by packing them in damp sawdust in a barrel and keeping it in a cool place.
As a shadetree designer of down-to-earth tools, it's aways endearing to get that kind of feedback. And it is especially nice when I hear from people who utilize my products in missionary efforts, which is surprisingly often.

I self-published Anyone Can Build A Whizbang Garden Cart in May of 2007. The book has never sold all that well. Maybe 100 copies a year. But the plans are well thought out and the design is a downright good one. Everyone I know of who has put the effort into making their own Whizbang garden cart has been pleased with the results.

I learned an important lesson in my self-publishing career with this book. It sells for $14.95. That price is actually too low to make the kind of profit a low-volume, self-publisher needs to make when investing in the printing of a few thousand hard copies of a book. The price for such a book really needs to be up around $20. 

If you're interested, you can purchase this book at Amazon. Or, you can get a copy directly from me...

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If you want to save a lot of money on this book, you can purchase a PDF download for only $7.95 by Clicking Here.


  1. How exciting to see this from our dear friends in Mexico! Andrew and his family do wonderful work with the Tarahumara. We need to get your cart plans. Our copy of your Idea Book is referred to often.

  2. This is one of the most useful garden implements I have. I use it for hauling in firewood. I just load it till the tires start squashing down. Used it for hauling Recycled concrete down the driveway this summer. It really is a sturdy cart with a lot of capacity.


    1. TonC—
      Nice to hear. I have come to believe that the non-pneumatic tires, though priced a bit more than the pneumatic tires, are nicer. I've had problems with the tires holding air. Have you had this problem?

  3. Oh my goodness!! I found you!!! Whooo Hooo! Oh, and I just purchased the Cart Book too! I always wanted one, and I finally got it. I have SOSOSOSOSO missed you guys. I didn't know you moved. I lost my mother a while back and also lost a lot of contacts, but found an old e-mail while deleting old ones, and there you were. I went to your old site and when I saw the message, I almost lost it. I thought you died!!!!!!!!Really upset me. Now I couldn't be more thrilled to see your still with us. I loved reading about the cart, and so happy to see you again. Bless, Sheila

    1. Sheila—

      It's about time you commented here! I was wondering about you. Glad you re-found me. :-)

      I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

      Best wishes,