My Famous Whizbang Soap Display
(PDF Plans Now Available)

Dateline: 29 December 2016

Back in 2006 my wife (Marlene) had a home business selling handmade soaps and I made her some soap display stands like you can see in the picture above. I wrote about the holders at my Deliberate Agrarian blog (Link Here). I had a specifications sheet that I sold back then, and I also made and sold the stands for awhile.

Since than, the little displays have been widely copied. I've seen a couple of people selling them on Etsy over the years. And this year, at the New York State Fair, Marlene saw this couple using soap displays that looked a lot like my design...

Morning Mist Farms soap display
at the 2016 New York Sate Fair.

When Marlene asked the Morning Mist woman about the displays, she found out that they were, indeed, derived from my Whizbang design. So it is that this little idea has taken root in the world of handcrafted soap selling, and I'm pleased to see it.

Now, my reason for writing this blog post is strictly commercial. I want to let it be known that I have just put together a 4-page pdf specifications package for making my Whizbang soap display stands. 

I realize that almost none of my regular readers here will have an interest in these plans, but I've learned that my blog posts are picked up every single day by the Google search engines, and they direct people to not only my blog writings, but my Whizbang products. I figured this out years ago shortly after I started blogging (back in 2005) and this internet marketing dynamic has helped me have a successful mail-order home business (which is something that never ceases to amaze me).

That said, if you have come here with an interest in these PDF plans, you can order them right now. The cost is only $3.99. Simply click the button below to order...

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Thank you!


  1. We make all our own soap from scratch and looked into selling it. Unfortunately here in Australia there is a hefty $500 annual fee for the license .....we'd have to sell an awful lot of soap to cover that cost, so we just enjoy making our own and for gifts to others.

  2. Wow. I am amazed to learn that Australia is so against free enterprise and small business. We have plenty of regulations here in America, but not an annual license like that... at least not for selling soap. I'm very sorry to hear it!

  3. We are in the soap making business as well and be on the lookout for the "Personal Care Products Safety Act". I understand the bill is dead currently, but these things have a way reappearing. The bill could have implications for us small producers.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. I wasn't aware of it. All these regulations are enacted to protect large corporations (who can buy off the politicians) from competition.

    2. Often as not, legislation like this is started by well meaning people and large corporations generally go along with it as what is a pain and/or minor irritation for them is generally lethal for their smaller competition as they have large amounts of widgets to spread the cost over.

  4. Elizabeth L. Johnson said,
    Then we need to contact our state legislators in Congress to beware of such a horrible legislation. We need to be active to consistently lift up in prayer our legislators in Washington D.C. and the state in which we each reside to be blessed with conservative prudence in writing and voting on legislation, to uphold our Constitution and, thereby, our liberties.