My First Television Commercial

Dateline: 17 December 2016

Well, David The Good has done it again. He has made laugh out loud. Or, as the modern texters put it, LOL. I mean that literally. And I should add that I rarely LOL. I'm actually a too-serious guy in real life (my wife will vouch for that).

What made me LOL was seeing myself in my very first television commercial. I didn't know I was in my very first television commercial until today. It actually hit the big screen (YouTube) yesterday.

Although I am pictured standing in front of my homemade Whizbang chicken scalder in the commercial, I am telling people about my Classic American clothespins. Well, sort of.

David the Good's brain, coupled with his technological skills, is a fountain of entertaining creativity. He makes fake news fun.

Stop on over to Rainforest Laundry and you'll see what I mean. Here's the link: Rainforest Laundry

Screen shot from Rainforest Laundry.
Two Classic American clothespins are in the center.


And speaking of Classic American clothespins, I've been toiling away since Thanksgiving in an effort to get a lot of the clothespins made. 

I have a big waiting list of patient clothespin customers (336 to be exact), and I hope to get their orders all filled this winter.

The wood halves are made, but they need to be tumbled, coated with a finish, assembled, and tweaked. It's a time-consuming process, especially with the final tweaking, which amounts to some custom bending I do to the spring ends with a pair of needle nose pliers. I tweak to make sure the halves close as evenly as possible. I'm much too persnickety to make these high-quality clothespins in sufficient quantity to fill the demand, or to be especially profitable. But I do enjoy filling the orders and shipping them out.

My original objective of helping other woodworkers across the country establish home businesses as artisan clothespin makers has been only moderately successful so far. There are a few makers, and you can find them at this link: Good Clothespins.  

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