Beetroot Powder For Cancer...
And General Health
(Part 1)

Dateline: 26 December 2016

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When I was a kid I did not like beets. But somewhere between then and now, I came to love beets. In fact, I like beets so much that the logo for my Planet Whizbang mail-order business is a leafy beet. And now, with the fascinating information I'm about to share with you, I love beets even more.


Back during the run-up to to Y2k, Marlene and I were involved in a local group of concerned folks who were fully expecting the electric grid to go down on the first day of 2000. We held regular meetings in a local church, and a surprising number of people showed up. Most of the people weren't from the church, and relatively few were locals. Instead, most of the people came from urban areas around our rural community. Some drove from almost an hour away.

The objective of the monthly meetings was to share knowledge and information that would help us all to be as prepared and self reliant as we could be when the electrical-economic-industrial system collapsed. 

Various people spoke about various topics and areas of expertise at our meetings. It was, in short, an exciting time in which Marlene and I made a lot of new friends, many of whom are still good friends. Among those good friends are Kathy and Jack, a couple who live just a few miles down the road from us.

Kathy and Jack were less concerned about Y2k than most other people in our group because they already lived a low-tech lifestyle; they were already resourceful and self-reliant. They were the kind of people that everyone else wanted to learn from. And Kathy and Jack were more than happy to share what they knew with others. 

For example, it was Kathy who gave Marlene (and a lot of other interested women) her first lessons in basic soapmaking. And I remember well the day Jack showed me how to butcher a rabbit at their homestead.

So there you have a little background on Kathy and Jack. 

Now, let me tell you about Jack here in 2017... He is 81 years old and he has been diagnosed with three spots of cancer on his lungs.

I saw Kathy a couple weeks ago in town and she told me about it. In short, she told me that Jack doesn't want anything to do with modern cancer treatments. Then she told me that she has been giving Jack beet powder to help cure the cancer. 

And then she told me something amazing. A recent checkup revealed that one of the cancerous areas is gone, and another is smaller in size. She recently posted this to her Facebook page:

"Went to the Doctor and Jack was told to keep doing what he is doing. In God's hands and he is doing okay. One cancer tumor gone and fighting the other two. If his heart holds up, he'll beat the cancer with beet therapy."

You might be thinking to yourself that using beet powder to get rid of lung cancer is kind of crazy, what with all the wonder drugs of modern medicine we now have. But it turns out that there is science to support beet treatment of cancer. In my next installment in this series I will tell you where Kathy found out about beet treatment, and I'll reveal the results of some studies on the subject. 

Until then, keep in mind that scurvy was once a very serious disease. And it was finally discovered that the disease could be simply cured by eating a few lemons.


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  1. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Isn't it interesting your Planet Whizbang logo is a beet with a halo? Oops, I meant "golden Saturnal rings"! :)

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