Building Our Upland Dream Home
(Part 5)

Dateline: 3 February 2017 a.d.

In My Previous Blog Post I told about how I hired two high-school kids to help me frame up our dream home back in the summer of 1983. After that intense week of effort, I plugged away at getting the back addition built, and to get the rest of the house weathertight. 

I worked alone, as I had time, but I didn't have a lot of time to spare. My full-time carpentry job kept me plenty busy. My boss helped me for half a day and, in particular, we got the salvaged staircase installed.

I did manage to get all the plywood sheathing on, and tarpaper over that. I also installed a few windows and the doors. 

Our dream home sat empty and unfinished for the rest of 1983. We continued to live with Marlene's parents. 

When the spring of 1984 rolled around, we had saved more money and were full of enthusiasm to really make some progress on the house. And we did. It actually started to look like a nice little place, as you'll see in the next installment of this series.


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  1. I love your series on the building of your home. I can't imagine you and your beautiful bride would ever want to leave it, except in a pine box, built by you! Your home is absolutely perfect and is the house built by love and cherished and blessed by God. No, your "next" home is with the Lord and he has a special room just for you Herrick Kimball AKA The Whiz-Bang Kid.


  2. I am really relishing this series - thanks for sharing.