My Son's First Garden
(Part 2)

Dateline: 31 March 2017

It's a recycled Bella Rosa Wines billboard tarp!

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The 14' x 40' billboard tarp arrived yesterday, and there was minimal wind, so Robert and I commenced to get it in place after he got out of work. We had two perimeter sides buried before I thought to take the picture above.

Robert's wife, Danielle, is looking forward to getting some zucchini out of the new garden. She wants to make a zucchini relish that her mother makes. Excellent!

Zucchini (and other summer squashes) will grow great in a minibed-on-plastic. One (maybe two) plants in the center of a minibed will grow to overfill the space very nicely. Maintaining the minibed will be a cinch (a little natural mulch will keep weeding to a minimum), and there will be no encroaching weeds from around the bed to deal with.

Zucchini roots will be able to get the moisture they need from capillary subsoil moisture retained under the sea of plastic-cover surrounding the minibed. If there is a drought year and the zucchini plants show any sign of wilting, the bed can be easily deep-watered once a week using the super-simple Whizbang Bucket Irrigation concept I developed.

So, get your mom's recipe, Danielle. This will be the year you make your own zucchini relish!

Here's a picture of the garden area covered with the billboard tarp.

As you can see, the edges are nicely tucked into the earth all around. Wind will not be able to lift and displace the large sheet of plastic mulch. And Robert will be able to mow around the outside of the garden without shredding the plastic edges. 

Now the garden is ready for minibeds.

Stay tuned....


  1. Oh boy! We are still drying out from all our the snow. So my garden activities are limited to watching you guys work for the time being. I can't wait to get my hands on some dirt!

    1. Elizabeth L. Johnson said,
      Now, now, Elizabeth! Remember the videos Herrick has shared with us! Hopefully yours is 'soil' and not dirt!

    2. Whoops! You're right! Bad farmer, bad farmer! SOIL not dirt. Lost my mind there for a minute! Thanks!

  2. What's your impression of the billboard plastic vs. the other tarp you used?

    1. The billboard tarps appear to be more durable. The plastic is thicker and stiffer.

  3. Elizabeth L. Johnson said,
    Very happy for you, Herrick, as you and your son live nearby to each other so you can continue to influence, especially in gardening! How wonderful it is to work together.