Ralph Borsodi's Advice
For Surviving Economic Disaster
(Part 6)

Dateline: 14 April 2017

Ralph Borsodi in his elder years.

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Those words are, in my opinion, spot on and profoundly wise.

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  1. This brings to my mind how most folks in our town look to Walmart for survival. No need to plant a vegetable garden when we can run to WM and get what we need... No need to be content to stay home and actually educate yourself in practical skills when the theater, fast food, entertainment and shopping is close at hand... etc.

  2. Elizabeth L. Johnson said,
    Joy, that was hilarious!! When my mom got acquainted with Walmart, she had dementia, and it was practically all she could remember to talk about. That's what your comment reminded me of. But so true. People will become frantic to eat, because as slaves, they've become dependent on government and Walmart! Grocery stores are full of enough goods to last 3 days when things go 'down'. They call it just-in-time-food.