Sheriff Futureman, Of Upland
(The Story Of A Third Generation Cowboy Shirt)

Dateline: 26 November 2016

When I was probably two or three years old my maternal grandmother, Gertrude Philbrick, of Fort Fairfield, Maine, Made me a cowboy shirt. Now, some 55 years later, we have a picture (above) of her great great grandson wearing the precious family heirloom.

I wrote a tribute to my Grammie Philbrick back in 2007. It tells about this shirt, and the unusual hardships in life that my grandmother had to deal with, particularly when the family home burned during the Great Depression. In The Cherished Letter, you can read my grandmother's response to tragedy and hardship. It is worth reading.

Here are some more pictures....

Futureman's father is taking a picture of the new sheriff in town.

Uncle Robert showing the sheriff how to hold his guns.

This is how a picture of me would have looked in 1960.
(black & white)


  1. That is precious! Our little Grandson is visiting this weekend. He is 4 as well. We went out to the farm this afternoon to check on the hens. Of course he doesn't want to walk on the path I have from the garage to the barn. He wants to make his own tracks. They are so funny at that age.


  2. Absolutely lovely! What a fantastic way to link the generations. Pictures you, he and his children will treasure. Love from the UK, Chris

  3. That lil' feller needs a real cap gun!
    The best real toy cap guns are still made here in the USA at Wild West Toys. The guy bought the original molds and dies that were made in the U.S.A. during the 1950s and the 1960s and started re-manufacturing them some years ago. I bought my boys Bronco 44s from the fellow a few years ago. Very durable at a good price. You won't find anything like these anywhere else.

    Best Regards,

  4. Thanks everyone.

    What a great link Muns!

    I have fond memories of a real cap gun like those, with a tan leather holster and a leg tie. I wore the gun low and had a lot of imaginary draw gunfights with it.