A Tombrella In Maine

Dateline: 25 January 2017

My wife and I went to the Maine Organic Farmers & Gardener's (MOFGA) Common Ground country fair in Unity, Maine, last fall (I blogged about it HERE). Before the rain started pouring, and we got soaked through, I managed to get a picture of this tombrella. Here's a side view...

And here's the explanation...

I don't plan on making a tombrella, but I sure do enjoy seeing clever garden ideas like that.


  1. Last year, we had brutal rains shortly after I transplanted my tomatoes. I was aware of the "splash factor" and had also just finished making solar pyramids, as described in your book. I hadn't yet planted the squash, for which I made the pyramids so I placed them over my tomatoes cages...just like an umbrella. Worked quite well.

    1. Scott—
      Yes you did! And I have the pictures to prove it. :-) Thank you for sending them. You have a very neat garden. A real delight to look upon.