How To Not Chop Off Your Finger
With A Machete
While Gardening In A Tropical Paradise

Dateline: 21 August 2016

David The Good will stop at nothing to make a good, instructive YouTube gardening video. For example he nearly chopped his finger off with a machete recently so that he could make a video about Machete Safety.

Unfortunately, the camera was not rolling for the finger-chopping scene. So, in Machete Safety, David's wife, Rachel, reenacts the event as she witnessed it.

Frankly, I was not emotionally prepared for the reenactment. You'll know what I mean when you watch the movie. Here's the link:

Machete Safety (Starring Rachel The Good)


For those who don't know, David, Rachel and all their kids left Florida earlier this year and moved to an undisclosed location in the Caribbean. David's blog is The Survival Gardener.


If there is one thing that comes across perfectly clearly (to me) in Machete Safety it is the fact that Planet Whizbang hats are much safer than straw hats... when using a machete.


And speaking of machetes, I bought Marlene a machete last year for a Christmas present. But it's not as impressive as David's machete...



  1. Thanks for the link to another interesting and realistic blogger

  2. That was hilarious! Thanks for the link :)